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What should be the top criterion to look for when choosing a restaurant near you?

Most of us dine out and find a good restaurant by chance by walking into it and trying it out.

This may be a great hit or a bad experience. To avoid a bad experience and to get to a reliable restaurant, it is best to follow a few guidelines. Here are some of them –


These are the factors to consider when choosing a restaurant location. The restaurant should be in an area that is close by that will allow you to reach it quickly and not spend a long time driving to it. The place should have good parking and easy to access through local transport. Nothing better than that to make it less stressful, than battling the traffic. A clean and quiet area will be ideal as you don’t want to spend time in a bustling and crowded restaurant that doesn’t let you relax.


Equally important as the location, is the ambiance of a restaurant. Select one that has an ambiance with the kind of music you like, the décor, the lighting – the space around and the seating comfort. These all play an important role in relaxing and enjoying your meal. It is also wise to choose a restaurant where the service is prompt and the staffs are polite and courteous. For business meetings over lunch – make sure they have private rooms.


This could be probably the most important of all. Make sure by comparing with other similar categories of restaurants that you are not a rip off one.

Check the service standards and the general hygiene and in today’s times the sanitization as well. Once you are satisfied with all these points, choose a restaurant that fits all your requirements.

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