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The New Summer Dessert Entrants in our Menu!

It’s summertime in North Carolina, and we’re celebrating with completely fresh new menu items in our Desserts and Drinks range!

Our chef has aimed to cool you off during the sweltering summer, so check some of them below, or view our complete menu here.


Who doesn’t like to have cold desserts in summers? Especially, when it is a creamy concoction that is delicately fragrant and frozen and in mango or pistachio flavor.

Kulfi is one of the most loved Indian desserts, which is known to have started being a part of our meals since the Mughal Empire in the 16th century.  In those days, it is supposed to have been created in the royal kitchens using ice sourced from the Himalayas.

Many consider it close to an ice cream which is not really true. Ice-creams are made with an egg custard base and added with cream. But kulfi only has one primary ingredient and that is full-fat milk boiled for hours that takes on the silky and caramelized flavor. After the milk is reduced to two-thirds over low flame, it becomes something like a rabri. Finally, this semi-condensed mixture gets poured into premade moulds or kulhars and then frozen in ice. Our chef’s secret to making this lovely dessert is the right caramelization of milk. This process of course requires a lot of patience but it is really worth it in the end as it is mouth melting when you take your first bite!


Also known as Rossomalai or Roshmolai (in Bengali), this delicious dessert originated from the East Indian regions. It translates to Ras meaning “Juice” but here it means Milk and Malai means creamy cheese balls which are drowned in milk.

This dessert has a complete start to finish fresh creation wherein after the milk is curdled and formed into paneer or chenna. Then they are made into balls and cooked in sugar syrup. The syrup finally soaks in the flavored milk infused with exotic spices like saffron, rich nuts, and cardamom.

Though it sounds all glamorous the most common problem one faces is – Rasmalai turning hard, chewy, and rubbery. I have tackled all those in a very effortless way for you guys so just sit back and read along and be ready to gather all the praises.

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